What can you expect from a regular Media Communication?

Speaking in numbers for a year period: 240 articles, 64 product reviews, 2 interviews and 4 awards. 22 press releases published.

Source: Press release services for GOCLEVER (mobile phones and tablets) in 2016,
the Czech Republic including Slovakia

Product reviews as a call to action

How to influence your customers and make them buy a product? One of the very powerful tools is a product review or an award. A product review apart from an advert contains real credibility.

In numbers: 55 reviews and 15 awards for WD products

Source: Product reviews services for Western Digital (hard disk drives and data storage solutions) in 2015, the Czech Republic including Slovakia

Using corporate magazine you can communicate what you want, when you want, the way you want. Your communication is fully under control

Start writing about your products, services or even about the people behind it. Corporate magazines and newsletters are the core of communication. For example, Agrotec corporate magazine or Pilsner Urquell newsletters

“A” Magazine, a corporate magazine of Agrotec, edited and published since 2011

Deep inside your products you will find fascinating topics for your social media

In each product there is large amount of interesting stories to tell using social media. For example, local Facebook campaign prepared for the Czech audience which was then taken worldwide. The series of detailed looks inside a hard disk drive described technical features of HDDs took people´s breath away.

Western Digital Facebook local pages reached 22 000 fans during two years

Does anyone care for press conferences anymore?

Sure! If you have got something to say, if you keep in touch with media and if you have the right ambassador to stand for your products, choose the right venue then you can expect more than 30 journalists

WD Press conference, Prague December 2015



Press Release Services • Proactive and reactive communication with Media • Product reviews services • Media analyses
• Press events • Press tours • Press conferences
Covering both markets: The Czech Republic and Slovakia

Corporate magazines • Newsletters • other prints

Consultancy about content and design • Cooperation on topic and themes • Copywriting Editing and Publishing


Consultancy and cooperation on topic and themes • Copywriting Editing and Publishing


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“It has been always
a thrilling feeling to see a new
review of my client´s product.“

Filip Cvetler

Graduating at Masaryk Univerzity Brno

Final year thesis: Semantic manipulation of brand names

Study abroad: University of Exeter, Universitat Rostock

Up to 2010 co-owner, creative and PR director of marcom agency Cvetler&Pořízek,

Since 2011 an independent PR consultant

Major award: “The Golden SemiColon” Award of the Czech PR Club for Pilsner Urquell Magazine


filip.cvetler(at), + 420 602 500 780